These are my two fursonas, Vee (the hyena) and the unnamed Spectacled Fruit Bat. I really wanted to draw something with people wearing winter gear but I realize now that I used a lot of warm colors so it really doesn't look cold at all. :( It was also practice drawing characters interacting.

I failed miserably using oil pastels. Miserably. D: It looks like godamn crayon. Still, I really liked the image before I ruined it so I figure I'll post it.

Featured Artist: ZombieDoggy
I just got my commission from http://www.furaffinity.net/user/zombiedoggy and I couldn't be more pleased! Here is the piece.

Commissions like that are currently priced at $8!! Seriously good deal there. They do canines so well it makes me cry ;A;


Their commission info is here  http://forums.furcadia.com/index.php?furcadia_session_id=214589-ssjs-yqp&showtopic=74603&st=0&t

Their devianart is here http://zombiedoggy.deviantart.com/

Ad their tumblr is here http://dancingcoyote.tumblr.com/

So go check them out and give them a watch/commission! :D

$10 Commission Example

CHEAP ASS Commission Reminder!
I am STILL OPEN! In fact, I have all five slots free! Examples and prices are here: http://vickychaitea.livejournal.com/534.html

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Don't ask about the title, I don't know.

This is a slightly older sketch I did not realize I had not uploaded. *sighs* stuff like this is my favorite thing to draw. I don't seem to draw it a lot though. I guess I just focus on wanting to be good in other areas and end up drawing what I think other people will want to see, rather than what I really like.

Sketch Dump!

A lot of my fursona and some other junk. :3

Older things.
Enjoy :)

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Sorry for the lack of updates~!


Gonna post this and some old sketches tomorrow if I have the time. I was watching TV and saw that it was shark week, and that reminded me of a monster I designed when I was in Junior High or so. It had the head of a shark, gills, and the body of a canine. In my infinite child-wisdom it also had like 50 claws on it's ball shaped feet... because more claws= better traction= faster animal, right? Aaaaaaanyway I changed that a bit and made it more shark-like. I'm fairly pleased with the results though I may change it some in the future. Also it's dew claw is sort of like a movable scythe type thing? It'd hard to explain. Anyway, just some sketches.

So Tired...
I drew this after only getting 2 whole hours of sleep. Been having a bad week. Just really tired and stressed so this is just a bit of a vent, I guess.

This is my fursona, a spotted hyena.

Commissions are open! 5 Slots starting at $1
I am really in need of some extra income so I am taking commissions! Please send all requests and commission information to my email account at toysoldiergirl@yahoo.com

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Character Portraits
  • Sketches
Bust- $1

Half Body-$3

Full Body- $8 

Multiple Characters Included + $2

  • Line Art
Bust- $5

Half Body- $8 

Full Body-$10

Background  Or Multiple Characters Included+ $5 (no example yet)
  • Greyscale
Bust- $7

Half Body- $9 (no example yet)
Full Body- $14 (no example yet)
Simple Background Included- $6 (no example yet)

  • Flat Color
Bust- $8

Half Body- $10 (no example yet)
Full Body- $20

Background  Or Multiple Characters Included + $10 (no example yet)
  • Detailed Color
Bust- $10

Half Body- $12

Full Body- 25$ (no example yet)
Background  Or Multiple Characters Included + $10

  • Character Sheets
Sketch Sheet-  $15 (no example yet)
Line Art Sheet-  $20 (no example yet)
Flat Color Sheet- $30 (no example yet)
Detailed Color Sheet- $40

  • Zombie Character Portrait (I will zombify your character(s)!)
Bust- $5

Half Body- $7 (no example yet)
Full Body-  $10 (no example yet)

  • Internet Icons
$2 (no example yet)
  • Realistic Pet Portraits
Bust- $10 (no example yet)
Half Body- $15 (no example yet)
Full Body- $20 (no example yet)

-What I will do.
Anthros, humans, gore, violence, suggestive content, mild fetish art, animals, simple to moderatly complex backgrounds, and original characters.

-What I will not do.
Pornographic content, copywrited characters, landscapes, complex backgrounds, and illegal drug related activities.


Specify whether you want your commission done in traditional media or digital media. I offer colored pencil, graphite, charcoal, pigment liner pen, and watercolor traditional media. I will send you 3 progress shots, at this time you are allowed to point out any problems, things you changed your mind about, or things you'd like fixed. You only get three chances. I offer a full refund if I take too long (more than 4 months), forget about you, or if the art is less than halfway done and you don't want it anymore. If I am in the coloring stages or almost done I will not give out a refund.

When do I pay you?
Right after I accept your request. Once I am paid I will begin working.

How do I pay you?

I only accept payments via paypal at this point, unless you are commissioning me in real life and hand me actual cash. You can send all payments to toysoldiergirl@yahoo.com

What order do you work on your commissions in?

First come first serve. The first to pay gets worked on first, the second second and so on and so forth.

How do I get a hold of you?

You can contact me at any time by emailing or sending an instant message to my email address toysoldiergirl@yahoo.com Please do not send me messages on deviantart/Furaffinity/etc. regarding commissions.

How long do you usually take?
For simple things like a sketch bust, probably around 2 days maximum. For something complex, detailed, with a background, etc. it will probably take a month and a half at maximum. You may not be at the top of the list, either.

What constitutes as a "background"?

A simple color or gradient, even some shapes doesn't count. If you want them in a certain setting though, that counts as a background. If you want them in a room, or outside, or in a forest or something that counts as a background.

Do you have any examples?

I do not currently have examples in a list form, but you can browse through my gallery to see my personal art and judge the quality of that.

Am I allowed to use your art for my profile, icon, etc?
Obviously icons are free to use as icons, but you may NOT post my art on other sites without my permission, and without giving me credit. YOU MAY NOT USE MY ART FOR ANY TYPE OF SALES, ADVERTISEMENT, ETC. If you make money off of my art in any way without my written permission, I will take legal steps against you.

Can I get the original of my traditional commission?

Of course! Just send me your address or PO box to my email, and I'll send it to you.

What do I receive if I want a digital commission?
You will get a high resolution full sized .jpeg or .png of the commission.

If you have any more questions just ask! :)


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